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#mms2013, Microsofts End-User Self-Service Portals, a User-Centric approach!

During the Microsoft Management Summit 2013 (MMS2013) I saw Microsoft is shifting from a Device-Centric to a User-Centric approach with a lot of their products. They have different product available and a some of them use an End-User Self-Service Portal. They call it the User-Centric approach.

At this moment (april 2013) I see End-User Self-Service portals for 4 System Center 2012 products and a couple of other Self-Service portal outside the System Center Suite.

System Center Service Manager Self-Service Portal

System Center App-Controller Self-Service portal

System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service portal

System Center Configuration Manager has two Self-Service portals (Application Catalog and Software Center)

ConfigMgr Software Center

ConfigMgr Application Catalog

Windows Intune

Windows Intune is not a System Center product, however you can use it as an add-on in System Center ConfigMgr. Intune has it’s own selfservice portal (Windows Intune Center or the Company Portal)

Windows Intune Center

Windows Intune, Company Portal

Azure has a Self-Service portal for customers.

Service Provider Foundation has a Service Management Portal for Administrators and a separate one for the different tenants.

I do not know all Microsoft product in detail, but if you know more Microsoft Product with and End-User Self-Service Portal in it, let me know!

Personaly i think Microsoft needs something like a System Center End User Portal (SCEUP) product which can combine all End-User portals into one single pane of glass.