RES Workspace manager integration in System Center Configuration Manager

you can combine the two products Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and RES Workspace Manager with eachother.

In this example i will distribute an ConfigMgr Application (*.msi) to an Windows client and refresh the workspace when the installation is done. Users will see the icon after the refresh.

RES Workspace Manager

In RES you need to have imported an Application with a location to it’s executable and to the icon.

When you go to the settings tab check the box “hide application if executable was not found”.

System Center Configuration Manager
In our case the Application Adobe Reader X is imported using the information from the AcroRead.msi. Afterwards I change the installation to a <install>.cmd files.

Within Configuration Manager you need to create a *.cmd file for the application with the following content.
@echo off
msiexec /i “%~dp0AcroRead.msi” TRANSFORMS=”%~dp0AdobeAcrobat_Reader_10.1.3.01.mst” /qb REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS
msiexec /p “%~dp0AdbeRdrUpd1013.msp” /qb /lv %temp%\AdbeRdrUpd1013.msp.log

%RESPFDIR%\pwrgate.exe -2

With the pwrgate.exe -2 command line, RES Workspace Manager will refresh the workspace.

In the Deployment Type, as mentioned, I changed the properties of the installation program to the *.cmd.

Deploy the application as an Available or Required application.
Available means the user can install it from the Application Catalog. Required means the application will be installed without user intervention.

End User
The End User can start the Application Catalog and start the installation of the application.

RES Workspace Manager will refresh the workspace automatically and the icon will be shown in the Start Menu.

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