Installing an SSD equipped machine with the Configuration Manager Task Sequence is causing problems. #yam

We had a problem deploying new laptops / notebooks with Sollid State Disk (SSD). They just came out of the box. The vendor had them pre-installed with eg. Windows 7.

We see that there is a problem when an Operating System is distributed by System Center Configuration Manager to client computers with SSD. There is no problem with the same device without SSD and with a ‘spindel’ HDD. The Task Sequence part ‘Format and Partition Disk’ will partition the disk and formatting will start but will never finish. It looks like there is HDD activity, the SSD LED lights up.
Looking at the x:\windows\temp\smsmslog\smsts.log we do not see any errors.

I changed the boot.wim to solve this problem for the HP Elitebook Folio 9470m with SSD, see the images below.

I created an cleandisk.txt file with the following contents:
select disk 0

Enable prestart command:
diskpart.exe /s cleandisk.txt

Use this boot disk to boot your SSD equipped machines.



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