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Is 1 Yottabyte (YB) enough to store all your files?

Microsoft released a new type of local file system in Windows Server 2012, it is called Resilient File System (ReFS). Microsoft designed this new file system because they see that there is a growth in storage (big data) and it works well with their new Storage Spaces feature in Windows Server 2012.

Initially it will be used for the file servers to prevent data loss and downtime.

In Windows Server 2012 you can choose between FAT32, NTFS and ReFS.

ReFS support features that contain functionality that proactively scans and repairs bad disk clusters (they use a “scrubber”). It’s a “Self-healing” file system and designed to prioritize the availability of data. If data corruption occurs the data will stay available without volume down-time. If data is corrupted an auto-repair (salvage) is triggered (it’s resilient to curruption) and it can remove the corrupted data, the volume will then be brought back online in a split second without the corrupted data.

1 yottabyte (YB) is 1.000.0 Continue reading