Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade #yam

Update 17 dec. 2012

De Windows Phone 7.8 update kun je forceren ( op eigen risico) door het uitvoeren van een procedure.

Kijk hier hoe je dit doet.

Update 2 dec. 2012
Windows Phone already previewed on a Nokia Lumia 900.


Update 28 nov. 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.8 update to roll out to existing users by early 2013

“Existing Windows Phone users should begin seeing rollouts across ‘as many devices as possible’ of the new Windows Phone 7.8 operating system by early 2013.”

More info zdnet

Old message:

Windows Phone 7.5 upgrade to 7.8 on wednesday 28 nov. 2012

Windows Phone 7.8


Microsoft has  not yet confirmed this rumour.


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